There are few people who are true experts in the field of cryptocurrency, fewer, still, who literally make it their business to stay up to date on everything that goes on in the crypto world. Ian King, however, is one of these people. King has built a successful, profitable career out of knowing the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. Though he didn’t begin his career in crypto, chance ventures led him to cryptocurrency, which is taking the world by storm one coin at a time. Read more about Ian King for more info.

From small acorns, mighty oaks grow. This popular saying is true for Ian King, who began his professional career as a desk clerk. Later he would spend a decade trading options. When the time ended for trading options, however, Ian King worked with a start-up company in Silicon Valley to pitch an e-currency to central banks. It was this particular currency that started King’s journey into the world of e-currency.

Although similar to what we know in this day and age to be cryptocurrency, this particular digital money differed from crypto in that it wasn’t centralized due to the fact that it would be regulated by banks. However, this e-currency did give King a glance into the potential of digital money. From that point on, digital money would be a huge interest in King’s life, a major breakthrough for his finances, and would prove to be a thriving part of his professional and business career.

While some crypto lovers go so far as to invent new forms of cryptocurrency, King chooses to work with the ones that are already in existence; his forte is teaching investors how to stay ahead in cryptocurrency. King’s career currently has him at Banyan Hill Publishing where he writes weekly for Banyan Hill’s publication, The Sovereign Investor Daily. In this publication, King shares with Banyan Hill readers all things new in the world of crypto.

As for a couple of King’s current projects, he is inventing an investment advisory and crypto trading course. These projects will offer a mass of information, all of which will only be available to Banyan Hill readers. Visit: for more updates.