You have most likely been hearing the phrase, “Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks”, but what are they? Specifically, these checks are the highly rumored checks that are believed to be issued starting on April 1st, 2018. You may have even come across a photograph of Matt Badiali holding up a check around the total of $114,000 or so. Although the check has a similar appearance to that of the checks that come from the treasury, the checks you’ve seen in the photos are private. Where do the checks come from? These checks are not from the government, and they aren’t part of a lottery. These checks, according to Matt Badiali are real checks, that come from investments.

Researchers set out to discover what these checks were while many believed that they were in fact part of a scam. These checks are legitimate, but Matt Badiali choose to refer to them as “freedom checks”. The facts all come from something enacted by Congress back in 1987. Companies need only to meet the Statute 26-F requirements, and as long as they abide by particular rules and regulations, these companies are allowed to issue these checks to individuals. Badiali discovered these checks while working and traveling around the globe. He was in the right place at the right time, learning from the CEO’s of mining and oil companies. Visit about Matt Badiali

His job was to learn more about the latest in technology in the industry. Much like other industries, technology was certainly no exception for the oil and mining companies. Badiali was also to study and learn more about trends within the marketplace. He spent time meeting with some of the most prolific oil drillers and miners, including T. Boone Pickens, Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. The education was to help him determine which natural resources were worth investing in. Along the way, he discovered the truth about master limited partnerships, more than 560 companies that could issue these checks known as freedom checks. These payments are exactly what Badiali is talking about, and it’s what you see in those photographs that has everyone reeling.

His research and diligence have put him in a great place at a great time. With this in mind, it seems there is always another way to make money, and the payments are essentially like the payments that come from stock dividends, Badiali says. Read more reviews at