It is a sign of weak character when one wants to always seek compliments and forget that compliments are given when they are worth it. Compliments and good praise are not the fuel that should drive one to stand out. These are just thing that supplements one’s success, not its roots. The good thing about business leaders such as Igor Cornelsen is the fact that they understand this statement well enough that they make it part of their affirmations in their investment programs. Follow Igor on twitter.

The Investment Advisor That Works

It is said that many of the investment experts today have no skin in the game. They tell people how to invest, where to put their money and why they should invest in a particular asset fund. But none of them can have skin in the game if they don’t spend money in where they tell others to invest. Skin in the game is about paying for the mistakes for one’s suggestions, and the right thing about Igor Cornelsen is that he always aspires to this ethic.

Born on October 4, 1947, in Curitiba Brazil, Igor Cornelsen had been fortunate enough to have entered the engineering school at the Federal University of Parana. It is there that he learned the foundation of his career and appreciated the formal education needed to excel in his future. After graduating in 1970, he got a job at an investment bank, which is a common career path for people those days because of the training they got for calculating compounding interest rates with the principles in sliding rules.

Investment Manager

From thereon, Mr. Igor Cornelsen went about to a series of positions in banks and finally landed at London Merchant Bank, which is a fantastic opportunity for him to learn more about the investment firm. In 1995, he then started his investment firm, providing services in investment banking that no other in the competition can provide. Right now, he continues to be responsible for the operations of various investment funds every day as an investment manager. He has already been trained to offer the reliable investment services needed by clients through the experiences he had all through his banking positions over the years. See more: