Brazil is still trying to recover from economic turbulence that resulted from former Finance Minister Guido Mantega who thought he was giving the Brazilian people a good deal with his own plans to intervene in the stock market. But things have started to look upward with the new Finance MinisterJoaqim Levy now holding that office, and though the Real has suffered some losses, former banker and investment expert Igor Cornelsen says that’s a good thing. The lowering of the real and its interest rates means that Brazil’s foreign trade will be better, and it means that it’s ripening the country for investment once again. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

Cornelsen is urging Americans and other nations to invest in Brazil because it has a large economy as its ranked eighth in the world and its not dependent on any one industry. There’s everything in Brazil from manufacturing, agriculture including coffee exports, natural resource mining, technology development and of course banking and finance. The main thing investors will need to be aware of is the Brazilian securities authority has a lot of regulations for foreign investors, and not all banks are authorized to allow foreign exchange investments. But Cornelsen says you can find the right banks and firms in Brazil by doing your research, and he also suggests getting to know Brazilian businessmen and investors who can make referrals for you.

Igor Cornelsen is a former advisor and executive at some of Brazil’s top banks including ItauUnibanco, Multibanco, Banco Bradesco and Libra Bank PLC. He managed billions in client funds and has always been known for thinking one step ahead of his competitors. Cornelsen retired from investment banking in Brazil some time ago, and today he travels back and forth between Brazil and his retirement home in Miami. But he’s still happy to lend his advice to investment firms such as Bainbridge Capital, and for the rest of the world he’ll often give pointers in his blogs on what kind of stocks should be bought. Cornelsen believes anyone can become a good investor even without having hundreds of thousands of dollars to start, because what’s most important is having the right plan and the right mentality.

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