With the continued political race for the presidential Post in the US, it is consistently raising concerns among the Americans on the effects of each candidate’s plans to their livelihood. However uncertain one can be in predicting the effects of the two presidential candidates’ plans, there are several crucial factors in which one can assume to have a large impact. These factors will keep the voters aware of any possible outcomes from their choice of vote.

There are plans to streamline the country’s tax code and to increase its accessibility to the average citizen from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. However, their different approaches towards the same got lots to tell. Trump intends to condense the existing tax brackets into a few income levels. On the other side, Clinton intends to incorporate more complexity into the process of calculating capital gains taxes unlike the existing income bracket based calculations.

On the child care agreement, the two candidates have agreed on: child-care tax breaks. The two plans to support families by offering greater subsidies for growing child-care cost.

On the issue of Estate Taxes, Trumps plans to completely repeal the estate tax and raise the amounts from capital gains taxes. Trump also have interests to balance the taxes with the Subsidies from farms and small businesses. On the other side, Clinton plans to lower the minimum required estate taxes and to increase the maximum percentage gained from the Estate tax. However, the two agrees on eliminating some estate tax elements.

Any of the candidates voted in will have major changes on some vital economic areas like social security, and this calls for serious attention on the election.

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