Rick Smith Securus, a leader who has played a critical role in the circle of inventions and innovations. His skills have elevated the living standard of a lot of people in the society. The ideas that he has in the arena of leadership has earned him a position of the CEO in the Securus Technologies. The company has implemented a unique concept that links the inmates in the cell with the families. This is achieved through the video, and the voice calls as opposed to the periods that inmates were to access the services that will enable them access communication with the loved ones. Furthermore, the inmates through the technology can send messages through the emails while they are still held in prison. The move of this invention has provided the close relationship with the family members and the inmates who are stuck in jail. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

The commitment that Smith Securus has demonstrated in the field of innovation is much associated with his educational background. He is an electrical engineer by profession and this has placed him in a vantage position of handling the matters in the related field with ease. Rochester Institute of Technology is where he was honored with his associate degree. He then proceeds to the University of Rochester where he continued with his studies of Masters in Business Administration (MBA). The factor that has set him at a better place in most of the companies that he has served in is known. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

Rick Smith Securus is an experienced person who has skills that are admirable in various field of management. This is what has enabled him to run the Securus Technologies to its success. The pragmatic leadership skills that have gained from different companies have helped him appointed to play a critical role in the separate post in various organizations. Some of the companies that he has contributed a lot is the Frontier Corporation where he was in the job of the information technology manager. At the Eschelon Telecommunication, he was in the position of the Chief Executive Officer. The experiences that he has obtaining in all these companies has elevated him to a better part of handling the challenges at the Securus Technologies. While he was serving at the Eschelon Telecommunication, Inc., he grew the company’s revenue from $30 to $350 million. The strategy that he had set up in place put the Eschelon on the world map of the 2005 successful IPO.

Rick Smith Securus is the primary person who has made the Securus Technologies stand out of some of its competitors like Global Tel Link. There is a call center that is located in the Securus Technology, and this is under the management of the employees. The firm has been termed to be 660 percent better than its competitors regarding services coordination due to the call center.

The excellent leadership of the Rick Smith Securus has driven the Securus Technologies to compete well as compared to the rest of the company.

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