Over 1,200,000 inmates across North America can call their acquaintances and family because of Securus Technologies. These inmate phone calls are crucial in providing investigators working at over 3,450 facilities with leads that they need to investigate. In the past, those inmate phone calls had to be listened to by many investigators so that they could pick out the most important pieces of information. Now, Securus Technologies has released their latest program THREADS 3.1 that allows investigators to spot associations between inmates, correlations, inmate communication events, suspicious inmate calling patterns and fraternization much easier. The great news for these facilities, and for taxpayers, is that Securus Technologies is releasing the upgrade for free.

The new technology helps to protect the public better than ever before by allowing officials to disseminate facts that affect public safety at a faster rate. It is impossible for investigators to cost effectively monitor every call that is placed into and out of a facility. That is why THREAD 3.1 contains the latest technology relying on voice biometric identification, verification solutions, and advanced data analytics to allow investigators to sort through the communications and find the most essential details. While no one wants to be away from their loved ones, Securus Technologies has made it easier than ever for inmates to stay in touch with their families. Securus offers video visitation for inmates whose family and friends do not live close or cannot readily visit in person. Their technology even allows video search in their recording software so that video visitations are monitored properly as well. Research shows that keeping in touch with family is a critical factor in successfully rehabilitating inmates to function successfully after their release, and Securus is working hard to make their software better and more available to all prisoners. 

THREADS 3.1 is just the latest example of the solutions offered by Securus Technologies. The company is committed to offering innovative solutions to the correctional community. They also strive to provide a remarkable customer service experience to inmates, their associates and the law enforcement community. Furthermore, they strive to make their products as user friendly as possible while still meeting the needs of correctional institutions. Finally, they endeavor to be transparent in everything that they do to serve the world. 

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