While perusing the sales floor of any department store, you will notice the makeup shades are nice enough, but lacking that certain punch. You will find the pale pinks and bland neutrals, but nothing that really stands out. This is fine for a day at the office or school. But what is one to do for that upcoming ’80s party or a crazy night out on the town? Have no fear, Lime Crime is here!

Lime Crime is an online company headed by Doe Deere that specializes in makeup for girls who want to go a little outside of the box with their look. They carry a few varieties of lip products as well as eye shades, and have an Instagram full of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. The colors are bold and beautiful with a formula that will wow. Being completely vegan friendly as of 2012 is another huge selling point of the business.

Recently a lip color called Alien was released, and as the name suggests, it is out of this world. Blacklight reactive, this gorgeous green is sure to have you standing out in a crowd. Another recent addition is Flamingo, reminiscent of those pink lawn ornaments from years ago. Teacup is a perfect periwinkle that is also blacklight reactive, and brings to mind the tale of Alice in Wonderland!

If you are ready to make a splash this summer, these colors need to be in that makeup kit! Go from boring to bold in a flash with a little help from Lime Crime!