JD.com is the leading online retailer company in China and is in control of online shopping by providing quality products to consumers. These products include fresh food, cosmetics, and electronics. In addition to providing an online platform, it also delivers products safely to the consumers. This has made its services to be great and unmatched by any other online company. JD.com has gone ahead to form alliances with fruit producing companies. These companies include San Miguel Citrus Company, Zespri, and Wonderful Citrus which has also joined in.


These alliances have the intention of providing quality fruits and vegetables which are to be sold in the Hong Kong market. Wu Zheng who is the marketing manager of Jingdong Mail Fresh Food Division asserted that their mission was not only to advise their consumers to eat a healthy diet but also to it intends to expand business globally. JD also intends to hold its partners in the Chinese market in the sale of their products in the view that the initiative will also benefit them.


The e-commerce platform will provide consumers with goods at a wider range. The manager of San Miguel also added that the alliances will increase the customers’ trust in them and the quality of their products hence sales will increase. JD.com in partnership with Baidu and Qihoo have the best aggregator apps. These apps are designed that when a customer, for example, searches for electronics, the app will give the customer a variety of electronic products available in the market. Find Additional Information Here.


JD.com is considering expanding sales to South East Asia by launching itself as J.D CENTRAL e-commerce platform. JD.com also has the intentions of expanding sales to Indonesia and considers investing in Tiki which is a B2C e-commerce business in Vietnam. J.D CENTRAL will be responsible for creating direct sales and marketplaces for customers. It will be offering online marketing for goods like electronics, home appliances, fashion, and books. Online shoppers will be able to access the shopping platform at the comfort of their homes through their mobile phones.


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