James Dondero is interested in earning superior business returns by aggregating the right people and working on the right projects that would be beneficial for all of the parties involved in the transaction. James Dondero works to build great companies that have significant growth potential. This means that James Dondero looks at key metrics in the present and in the past as well to see what indicators can help him to make the right decisions overall in choosing the right projects to work with. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

One of the key aspects one has to watch out for is that of the costs of acquisition, of course, one also must investigate the existing management and understand their prowess in their respective fields of expertise. James Dondero has seen the importance of proper management and has not shied away from expressing his concerns on matters in the past. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

As a key investor, James Dondero has to keep a close eye on expenses, the value of the company, the potential for scale and that of evolution as well. A company may need to go through a few structural changes in vision and in the leadership team and in some practices as well, such as their marketing.

Startups and established entities may even need to have such things as proper plans for succession in the event that things were to go awry for a certain reason. Replacement in regard to the skills added by the startup CEO, the processes that were put in place by the CEO, the culture, and other aspects must be taken into consideration for there to be a proper success within the company.

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