James Dondero is an extremely busy entrepreneur and philanthropist that seems to relish adding more responsibility to his plate. Not only did he acquire two Bachelor of Science Degree’s at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce, but he has jumped from a prestigious position to dream job on more than one occasion. In the beginning, James Dondero worked through the financial training program at JP Morgan Chase & Company; James did this within a year, and it launched him into a prestigious position at American Express. Follow James on Linkedin.

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For several years, he worked with over $1 billion in fixed incomes funds until he was offered the title of Chief Investment Officer for the Subsidiary of Protective Life. Soon after his success with the concept, James earned the title of leading alternative credit manager among his peers around the world. Due to his growing success, James co-founded and accepted the title of President at Dallas headquartered, Highland Capital Management. His focuses do not only lie on the responsibilities that come with managing a large investment firm. However, James also commits $3 million a year to philanthropy. Thanks to the help of fellow philanthropist and dear friend, Mary Jalonick, James dedicates himself and his charitable team to finding initiatives in the city that require some financial assistance. Recently, James Dondero has decided to hire on Linda Owens, former CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda has played a significant role in finding several new organizations in the northern region of Texas, and the city has shown vast improvement already because of it. One of the recent examples of her contribution to the charitable nature of James Dondero’s team at Highland Capital Management is the Mother’s Day event she coordinated at the Dallas Zoo to raise money for a domestic violence shelter in the area. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.