University of Florida alumni, Jeff Yastine has been making waves in the financial community since he graduated with a degree in journalism many years ago. He stepped into the spotlight with his nationally acclaimed program centered around financial planning and investments. Over 1 million households would watch him on a nightly basis, gathering information about the next big investment opportunity. Even today, while serving as the Editorial Director of his own publication at Banyan Hill Publishing, Yastine is putting significant effort into informing the people that rely on him for sound financial advice. While many of his works can be found at Banyan Hill’s website he also posts several short articles available for his readers on Consumers will be delighted to find that Yastine not only provides information in simple, easy to understand language, but they will also find the information valuable and predictive. Read more at for more info.

An article he recently published in January of 2018 has become the subject of much intrigue. “Three Threats to Amazon You Must Own Today” is a quick reference for some of the companies that may experience significant growth in the coming year. has proven itself to be quite a formidable force in the retail industry. They have been able to edge out countless other companies and encroach on the market of other smaller chains. Yastine has noticed a pattern in recent years towards mergers and acquisitions, he thinks that this is going to be the case for some of the smaller chains. Unfortunately, it is going to be the only way that they can establish themselves on top once again. Visit Jeff Yastine on facebook for more updates.

Some of the companies that he believes are going to investigate merging are going to be eBay, W. W. Grainger Inc., and Kroger. Each of these companies has felt the encroachment of Amazon’s current business plan and will no doubt be affected by them in the future. Kroger has already seen some decrease in their stock value, but Jeff Yastine believes that they will increase over the coming year and that his readers should buy them while they are lower. There is a significant opportunity for investors to obtain substantial returns they act quickly. Yastine has spent his entire career gathering the knowledge and information necessary to make these types of calls. He is accurately predicted growth over many different markets and the retail market is one of the most significant. Readers may also peruse some of his other works for more information on other investments that may become available.