Foresite Capital has bolstered its top brass with the addition of Molly He. Molly boasts of vast experience in the healthcare sector, having worked for over fifteen years. Her area of specialty is pharmaceutics and genetic research techniques.

According to Bloomberg, when introducing Dr. He to the firm, Jim Tananbaum, CEO of Foresite Capital, ran out of superlatives to describe their newest employee. He said that Molly was one the moats esteemed authorities in the world of pharmaceutics and next-generation gene sequencing and that his firm was gratified and proud to have landed an exceptional talent such as her. Jim further stated that the in-depth understanding of the sector possessed by Molly would be of significant value to Foresite Capital.

Molly has an outstanding career, with a couple of prominent institutions in her work portfolio. Her first job entailed conducting research on cancer therapies through the study the structure of antibodies. Later on, she joined Pacific Bioscience, where she oversaw the successful development of protein reagents using molecular instantaneous sequencing technology. She left Pacific for her immediate former position, which was at Illumina.

The proficient doctor’s Alma mater is the Nankai University, where an undergraduate degree in biochemistry was conferred on her. In her academic credentials, she also possesses a doctorate in protein biophysics from the Los Angeles campus of the University of California. Molly has also authored several publications on contemporary gene sequencing as well as bespoke medicine.

Molly heaped praise on Foresite in her acceptance speech. She said that the firm was unequaled in the adoption of new, innovative research methods, and added that she was exemplified by her addition to such an excellent team. She concluded by expressing optimism about the future, saying that she will assist in the efforts to achieve it.

About Jim Tananbaum

In a report on Businesswire, Jim Tananbaum is an alumnus of the famous Harvard Medical School, where a medical degree was bequeathed to him. Before Harvard, Jim received a Bachelor’s degree from Yale. He later pursued an MBA from the Harvard University.

Besides academics, Jim is also a vastly successful entrepreneur. His exploits in the healthcare sector are enviable, having established several pharmacological institutions. Currently, he is at the helm of Foresite Capital, a leading therapeutic solutions provider.

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