When Diversant started its operations back in 2010, no one knew that one day it would become one of the largest companies owned by individuals from minority communities. Within a span of five years, the company has traversed the IT staffing landscape in the country at an incredible rate. It is now one of the big wigs in this competitive industry. Today, the owners and the employees alike can proudly say that Diversant has a cemented market presence.

In a recent survey done by financial pundits, the company emerged at the top of fastest growing companies in the United States. This is a milestone achievement that will go down in its history. Over 1 million people have links with Diversant. Its asset base has grown two-fold.

However, all these remarkable achievements could not have been possible were it not for the hard work and determination showcased by the company’s staff and management. The company’s executive, which consists of John Goullet and Gene Waddy, deserves a lot of credit for this.

Talking about the executive, we have to acknowledge the huge impact John Goullet has made. Goullet decided to merge his company Info Technologies and Gene Waddy’s Diversant to form a stronger entity with expansive market territories and workforce. With vast experience spanning 20 years, John Goullet has a veteran’s eye in IT staffing market. He has a strong understanding of the market. He knows how to identify market opportunities and capitalize on new trends, which is crucial for Diversant’s prosperity.

His incredible leadership skills are evident in the rate of success witnessed in his former company Info Technologies. In just four years, the company attained a whopping $30 million in revenue. As a result, the company was listed in Inc. Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing entities in the United States. John Goullet is currently the Principal of Diversant, a position he holds with a lot of zeal and pride. As the principal, he oversees everyday activities in the firm. He is also instrumental in designing strategies to enable the firm to stay relevant in the ever-dynamic IT staffing industry.