Kevin Seawright is a leader in the world of business with his impressive financial foresight when it comes to investments and businesses alike. The strategies used by Kevin have earned him a lot of recognition and today he is the Newark Economic Development Corporation’s Vice-President. The new approach Kevin has taken towards the business operations has led to better results in the financial division. By perfectly aligning the business economic and technological goals, Kevin has been able to bring new prosperity to NEDC.

Kevin Seawright was featured in an article by PR News Wire that discussed the key role Kevin has played in advancing the corporate process as a whole. The changes Kevin has helped bring to the business world have benefited contractors throughout the entire Atlantic region. Read more at Markets Insider.

Over the course of his successful career, Kevin has made many accomplishments in business. Through his efforts, various companies saw increased growth and returns by numbers surpassing 25 percent. Retention of staff, compensation adjustments, and better hiring processes are what Kevin typically brings to the table with his expertise.

The NEDC community is a major factor in the development of the state of New Jersey. This organization is working to build up the economy through new business. They are doing this by attracting new growth and helping retain current businesses throughout New Jersey’s various towns and cities.

As a member of NEDC, which Kevin has been actively involved in for the past 13 years, Kevin Seawright uses his business expertise to benefit communities all across the east coast of the United States. Kevin’s unique insight and new business model ideas have directly influenced the success of companies around the country in the private sector as well as government. Kevin’s career is a success for sure, but many are looking forward to Kevin’s next contribution to the business community.

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