Kevin Seawright has taken the reins of the CEDC, the Newark Community Development Corporation, and he is already busy revamping existing neighborhoods, businesses. and inviting new commerce into Newark. The CEDC was founded in 2007 to enhance development, redevelop minority sectors of the city, and attract, new residents and develop minority business in partnership with Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development. CEDC provides counseling, funding, grants, tax exemptions and discounted advertising for entrepreneurs, small businesses and developers.

Mr. Seawright has 13 years of experience in leading the city of Baltimore’s redevelopment of the decaying parks, recreational facilities, neighborhoods, municipal infrastructure and businesses. As the leading financial & administrative Mr. Seawright infused Baltimore with over $900 million dollars of commerce with far-reaching partnerships along the Atlantic seaboard. Infusing existing organization with technological advancement, Mr. Seawright decreased expenses and streamlined administrating processes in both public and private sectors. As a team player he brought government and private endeavors together to work for the improvement in every sector of planning and commerce. His CitiStat program brought long term strategies to assessing city agencies. CitiStat improved the cities services to citizens in every area of urban needs. The program brings accountability to municipal agencies by programs designed to enhance a mayor’s ability to assess agency performance. Mr. Seawright’s CitiStat program has been adopted by municipalities across the country. Now, he brings his unique insight to economic goals to Newark with his extensive background in financial management.

Mr. Seawright is a Notre Dame University graduate, and holds an MBA. He is a board member of the Babe Ruth Museum, American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum of Black Administrators and he belongs to the National Association of Black Accountants.