Kevin Seawright has spent years in urban planning helping to transform neighborhoods that were going through slowdowns and bringing them back to life. He’s currently the President of RPS Solutions, a Baltimore real estate investing company and housing initiative group that’s working to make housing more affordable. Their key strategy is to buy older homes or other properties that might be too expensive for various consumers and renovate them into more affordable units. RPS Solutions’s mission is to create more diverse neighborhoods in Baltimore, and to bring people into the housing market that may have been left out by other agencies and banks. Thanks to Seawright’s work, a young man he used to mentor, Jerel Brown can now afford a new home for his family. Read this article at Live Newspaper

Kevin Seawright got his degree in public accounting and started out as an assistant to the Baltimore public parks department, and then became a financial manager for the Baltimore public schools and eventually the mayoral office. His experience entails managing millions in public bonds, government contracts, development plans, and many other administrative functions in city departments. He helped streamline the Baltimore public school transportation system, and he also used CitiStat software to help the mayoral office restructure various departments. Seawright also served with various city planning committees and was a construction project manager for several commercial sections.

Kevin Seawright temporarily left Baltimore and served as the financial manager for Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. which made several investments into underdeveloped neighborhoods in the city. He also joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in 2014 which has been responsible for various extensions of Rutgers University and has added to the city’s senior living communities. Seawright was in charge of the Lincoln Park music festival as part of a fundraiser for the CEDC. He founded RPS Solutions one year later upon leaving the CEDC. Seawright has a passion for young people and has mentored them through youth assistance programs, and has also been a youth sports coach. He’s also worked with non-profit community improvement programs and has been on the Board of Directors at the Babe Ruth Museum. Read more: