Momtrepreneur is a relatively new word in the business world. It describes mothers who run their enterprises out of their homes. All too often, they carry the duties of childcare alongside their businesses. In the corporate culture, a momtrepreneur is considered a liability. At the same time, they are marginalized. But, one individual who is bringing a new perspective into this word is Kimberly Bakker, a successful event planner with vast experience in handling social and corporate events.


What it takes to be an Event Planner


People interested in working in the event planning industry should start by understanding that this is not a party planning business. It is the case for those who aspire to be in the corporate as well as social events. This has been the case for Kimberly Bakker, a mother, and business professional. Hard work defines the event planner that has spearheaded multiple events since the onset of her career.


Kimberly Bakker Multitasks in Service Delivery


Always handling different tasks from time to time, Kimberly Bakker Events, led by Kimberly Bakker coordinates staff to ensure a smooth event. A few weeks ago, she utilized her culinary skills to come up with a healthy menu that suits the honoree’s tastes. Aside from that, she goes the extra mile to set up parties and revel in their celebrations.


Her Roots


Far from that, Kimberly Bakker has a rich lineage appended to her success. This allows her to be deeply planted to the ground. Being the daughter of Robert Quinlan, her childhood experience living in comforting surroundings contributed to her well-being.


Handling Pressure


When it comes to dealing with the pressures of event planning, Kimberly Bakker uses different resources to handle emergencies. Motherhood is her source of inspiration. Therefore, she has a nurturing touch of positive energy that rubs well on the people he works with.


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