Krishen Iyer is the founder and Chair of the insurance marketing firm, Benefits Management Services based in Carlsbad. The established entrepreneur was born and raised in California. Krishen Iyer went to San Diego State University where he obtained a degree in Public Administration. He dived into insurance marketing shortly after completing university and even opened a real estate firm.

Krishen Iyer believes that entrepreneurs need to find an equilibrium between product development and marketing roles. Thus, they ought to come up with effective marketing strategies without spludging millions of cash in marketing campaigns. Here are some of the tips he shared on efficient marketing.

Plan for Your Marketing Campaign

According to Krishen Iyer, most marketing professionals focus majorly on content and ads that appeal to them, leaving out the consumer. That’s an effective marketing strategy, and in the long run, marketers realize that organic traffic to their site is diminishing.

They ought to understand when their clients are most active on social media. Again, the content must respond directly to the target audience’s queries.

Write Naturally

A lot of entrepreneurs are beginning to discover the importance of using natural language in business and product promotion. Internet users want to be addressed personally, and there is no better way to do that than to use a conversational, friendly tone. Also, pay attention to the length of the text. A 300-word paper is enough to answer your audience’s query on a certain topic.

Use Automated Systems

Automated systems provide efficient and organized manner of performing daily business operations. A CRM integrated platform is a great example of an automated operations system that lets you monitor potential leads and respond to them on a timely basis.

Bundle Up Related Tasks

Krishen Iyer bits of advice to marketers is that they try to put together related tasks so they avoid confusion by jumping from one job to another. Hence, a digital marketer must find time to create content to be posted. By doing so, they eliminate the need to check on the progress of a post. Additionally, Iyer encourages marketers to first deal with tougher and more urgent tasks.