At 38 years old Logan Stout is quite young for a company CEO. The founder and head of IDLife, Logan Stout brings to business his love of sportsmanship, teamwork, and a winning spirit. Previously Stout played professional baseball as both player and coach, filling both roles throughout seventeen World Series competitions. He now endeavors to bring his love and success in the game to others while promoting health and wellness.

Stout’s journey began as a boy with an interest in the game. He tested various team-based sports before settling on baseball, excelling in many group-based activities such as holding a position on the student council and graduating Panola with a degree in business. He continued to pursue sports, eventually working his way up from MVP in high school to pitcher for the Fort Worth Cats professional team. With over a decade of success in sports, he decided to form IDLife and launch the Dallas Patriots.

One of the most expansive youth baseball organizations, Stout’s Dallas Patriots make available classes, clinics and camps to bring to youth the confidence that athletic achievement brings to young people. His IDLife company provides nutritional plans based on scientific studies, customized to each person rather than needlessly standardized to cut costs. While he saw many businesses in the health market, Stout found that he had an important niche to fill. Just as he provided guidance to children in the Dallas Patriots, he could provide important support as well health plans to those interested in staying in shape. His health plans avoid foods that are genetically modified and are free of both soy and gluten, using the best foods available rather than the cheapest ingredients.

Today Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas. He is a young father, with two boys, two dogs, and a loving wife who guides him through the next stage of his life. Despite his extraordinary life, Stout did not always have a hopeful career and future. He grew up poor as a child of a single mother. He seeks to just as he has fought adversity to bring wonderful things to himself in his career, that he would bring nutrition and the love of the sport to others.

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