Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane, even a relatively small one is no easy task. With a hurricane, the size of Harvey, that hit the southern part of Texas a month back, was one of the most devastating events in that part of the world, in known memory. However, with the hard work, kindness, and generosity, of people like Logan Stout, the CEO of ID Life and Jonathan Caldwell of Black Tie Moving, the cleaning up process is becoming a little easier. Logan shut down his office to get started in the healing process, the latter being more difficult to do. After all, dealing with such catastrophe on an emotional level is not easy.

Logan volunteered to use his warehouse as a place where supplies for the victims could be stored. The next thing he did was to use his trucks to start distributing the supplies. He even brought some of his boats to help out, since many areas of Houston turned into a lake. He also accepted whatever supplies other people donated to distribute to those who needed it. As for Caldwell, who owns a moving company, he loaned his trucks for the cause as well. Both of them feel that by doing such a service to society is indeed a special opportunity.

ID Life is a nutritional supplement company that provides people the opportunity to get into the business on their own. In this day and age, people are realizing that they need more than their 9 to 5 job in order to become financially more stable. Logan realized this when he started ID Life and set about recruiting salespeople for the job. This line of work is for those who enjoy selling nutritional supplements for people who are looking for ways to reach optimum health and body weight.

ID Life’s nutritional plan is unique in that it allows customers to customize their route to physical health. We have all been there, the times that we walk into a grocery store and see all of the vitamins and supplements stacked neatly on the shelves. The problem is deciding which ones to take and when. With Id Life products, this is not an issue. Customers can take a look at the necessary literature on their website and decide what to take depending on their body type and present state of health. Only started in 2014, the company has gone on to become a huge success.

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