Michael Hagele counsels a vast array of research and development firms which provide consults, design, and technology services. Hagele also provides consult to companies which provide biotechnology, electronic, aerospace, and internet products. Hagele’s broad experience ranges from drafting development agreements, handling negotiations, licensing, and distribution in both domestic and international fields of telecommunications, internet, software, and hardware. Beyond that, he also deals with technology-related commercial agreements that extend towards marketing and promotional arrangements including analysis and sales regarding intellectual property. Visit angel.co to learn more.

Hagele maintains the belief that small companies can provide clients with a better service than bigger companies could. It’s this belief that allows him to offer his clients affordable yet just as high-quality of service. He also believes that tenacity plays a huge factor in bringing an idea to life. Through iteration, assumption challenging, and incorporating new information, Hagele says the best outcomes are truly possible.

Formerly, Michael Hagele gave general counsel to numerous venture capital-backed companies, handling such legal arrangements as any employment issues, acquisition activity, mergers, and corporate governance. Prior to those endeavors, he was part of the Licensing and Online Commerce Group at Fenwick & West. Before that, he attended the University of California where he received his J.D. and the University of Iowa where he received his B.A.

Michael Hagele has come a long way from working at the car wash and going home with painfully numb hands every night, learning from that experience as being the drive he needed to further his education and do something much more meaningful with his life than wash cars. To successfully grow his business, he’s found that social media plays a key role in doing so. To him, as it should be with every business, connecting with customers is helpful and aids in creating an ongoing dialogue to showcase the business’ products and services.

In his free time, Michael Hagele enjoys spending time on two wheels, with preference to mountain and road bikes. He believes that staying active can help you recharge and keep a sharp mind, suggesting that even taking a walk around the block can give much-needed stimulation and spike creativity. View: https://ideamensch.com/michael-hagele/