Malcolm CasSelle is a famous entrepreneur within the business field. His career began by acquiring a bachelor’s degree at MIT and later his masters at Stanford University, for Computer Science both times. His first major business venture was becoming CTO of NetNoir in 1995, then he worked directly under the CEO of Pacific Century CyberWorks from 1998-2002. He used there from 2006-2013. He acquired a lot of business skills over those years, but it was time for Malcolm CasSelle to began a new path in his career.

In 2012, Malcolm CasSelle first broke into the digital industry when he was named CEO of Xfire. By early 2013, he was appointed CEO of MediaPass. In addition, during that time-frame, he founded and served as CEO for Timeline Labs. In 2014 the company had been acquired by SeaChange International. He worked there as Senior Vice President and General Manager, before moving into his next job. He currently works holds high positions at OPSkins, a video game related company.


The website Hi-Tech Chronicle recently published an article about how the gaming industry will help cryptocurrency grow. The company OPSkins is launching a new service called WAX designed to make trading cryptocurrency more efficient. It focuses on two areas of the system: fragmentation and fraud. It first creates an area where everything can be traded on a equal level by converting everything into tokens. This combines all the various currencies structures into a single system. At the same time, it eliminates fraud by removing the middleman in the trading process. Users can directly trade with each other on this service.


Malcolm CasSelle is a man who has been all over the business industry. His current venture at OPSkins is where he’s trying to reshape the cryptocurrency market to be more efficient and accessible than it is today. The service WAX is a place where users form all over the world can trade on equal footing. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, the need for this kind of service will grow. It’s a venture with a very high long term potential.