Your level of success with Market America dependent on you. You also need to be comfortable with internet marketing products. This is Market America’s bread and butter. You also need to keep in mind the approach you use. No one likes to hear something that sounds too sales-oriented.

1) You need to learn and know everything you can about each product. Your customers are not going to trust you if you only have a limited amount of knowledge. The idea is to promote the products and how valuable they are, not the business. No one cares about the business end of your job.

2) You are working as an independent contractor. You are not an employee of Market America. You are part of a team. You need to start thinking like one.

3) You need to be consistent with your goals. Remember, not everyone is going to be interested in your internet marketing product. Some people knock down the doors of everyone hoping for results. That is not going to give you the results you are looking for.

You cannot consider everyone in your life a “prospect” or “potential client”. You need to focus on those who are actually interested. You need to work hard and be able to tell when someone is telling you “no”.

4) You need to pick your teammates wisely. You should not spend time with those who do not want to get the work done. You are the company you keep.

5) Your talking points for a Market America internet product should not exceed 20 minutes. This is the same advice ad executives use in work. You will be able to tell in a few minutes if someone is interested or not. Do not overstay your welcome. When someone is giving you signs they have heard enough, then you need to take the hint.

6) It is okay to suggest tips for things working within your market, but you do not tell someone what to do. Offer suggestions, but leave the final choice up to the person. This advice works with your clients and the people you work with.

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