According to Matt Badali’s report, “Cobalt Stocks A Wise Investment After Cobalt Price Skyrockets” published by Banyan Hill Publishing, the metal is one of the critical trends everyone should be taking advantage of, and it looks like he’s absolutely correct. Visit to know more.

Badali has long since pointed out that cobalt is one of two metals indispensable for the construction of electric cars. It increases the energy density of batteries. The desire of the major economic powers to reduce petrol and diesel cars in the coming years is causing a global race to supply the minerals needed for both electric vehicle batteries and devices that control emissions. Matt Badali says this is a smart move for investors.

Experts estimate by 2040, there will be approximately 150 million electric vehicles on the road, and 80% of those electric cars will use cobalt to extend battery life. The main limit to the commercial success of these vehicles is in the cost and autonomy of the batteries. Depending on the type of car you can travel with before needing a recharge seals the deal with the consumer, so the batteries are the big sell.

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