Investors interested in the silver market have something in common with Matt Badiali, they both think the time for buying silver is ripe. Silver, the precious metal that comes second to gold, has dropped value to a point only experienced five other times this decade. For investment purposes this is great because it means the precious metal can be bought cheap. Investors who pick up some silver at its discounted rate will be in line to earn profits. These profits will roll in when the metal climbs back up to its former perch. According to Matt Badiali this has to do with silver’s use in industry. As a foremost analyst Badiali usually knows what he’s talking about.

Matt Badiali is the analyst who married investment experience with distinct knowledge of the marketplace. This knowledge stems from his status as an actual geologist. Badiali is able to use his training to professionally vet natural resource operations. He treks the globe doing this very thing, investigating every aspect of an operation to foster direct investment information. This information is doled out to his readers, who then use it to make profitable returns. Matt Badiali is known for his investment advice. He keeps a close watch on every development within the market, and directs attention from investors so they can leap on opportunities. Silver is the most recent.

Precious metals in general have been dropping in value due to stiff competition. In addition to poor manufacturing numbers markets like cryptocurrency have pushed metals into the background. Silver’s current price is a direct example of the influx within the market. Badiali however is looking at something else. He is looking at the consumption of silver by industry. Most of the silver produced last year was gobbled up by industry, this is because silver is a necessary component to tech. Badiali sees a rise in the use of clean energy. Silver plays an active part in going green as it is used for solar panels. An influx in the market would require more silver. This silver would rise in price as more purchased it. Investors buying now would then see their money double or triple.