Gulf Coast Western, LLC is an Oil and Gas company that manages several other joint ventures in the industry. The firm capitalizes on the partnerships through the combination of resources, talent, industry knowledge, and expertise. The firm specializes in the exploration, development, and acquisition of oil and gas resources that are situated in the United States Gulf region. The firm, more importantly, focuses on resources that have geological and geophysical significance and have well-developed structures. Gulf Coast western when looking for companies to partner with considers many things, and they include substantial return on investment with minimal risk.

At the helm of Gulf Coast Western is Mathew Fleeger who serves as the company President and CEO. Gulf Coast Western credits its many successes stories to the firm’s partnerships that are that are founded on mutual trust, respect, transparency, integrity, and honesty. Gulf Coast Western is a private for-profit family-owned company that was founded in 1970. The company is headquartered out of Dallas and has operations in other locations in the US, and they include Texas, Mississippi, Colorado and Oklahoma.

Gulf Coast Western presence in Louisiana has been enhanced by the firm’s partnership with the Louisiana based Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The association saw Gulf Coast western acquire property rights including unlimited access to hundreds of square miles and 3D seismic database. Besides Gulf Coast, western will have working interests in a couple of oil generating wells and over a hundred already identified drilling locations that hold about 30 million barrels of oil. Other partnerships that have had a significant impact on the Gulf Coast western company in Louisiana include the collaboration with the Dallas Based Northcote Energy Ltd.

Mathew Fleeger is a renowned figure in the business world. Fleeger has decades of experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry including waste management and tanning industry. Fleeger Before joining Gulf Coast Western served as the founder, president, and CEO OF MedSolutions.