Technology has been revolutionizing the way people operate and relate throughout the world. Every decade, something new comes up and takes over the face of the business world. It is essential that business people and the community at large embrace the change and move on with the new developments. Cryptocurrency is the investment that has been developed in the 21st century. It is exciting to know that you can now transact online from all over the world. This eliminates the need for banks and intermediaries during transactions. The former transaction methods needed a middle person to be a witness that the transaction takes place. However, with the cryptocurrency, everyone is aware the transaction has taken place without a witness. Cryptocurrency has helped in enlarging the market for investors and enhancing trade across continents.

Ian King is a guru of the cryptocurrency world; he writes for Banyan Hills on a weekly basis on issues affecting the cryptocurrency. He also advises the firm on investing in cryptocurrency and trading. He believes that cryptocurrency is there to stay and will take over the financial world. He says that opportunities that come on a decade basis benefit the business people who are prepared and act at the right time. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

The success of Ian King Banyan in the cryptocurrency world can lead to the conclusion that it’s what he wanted to do all his life. This is not true; he grew up with different passions before he finally secured his spot in the investment world and realized it is what he wanted to do. Ian was brought on the Jersey shore. His love for helping people began at a tender age when he was elected as the captain of Belmar’s busiest beach. In busy days, they rescued up to 50 people.

Ian says that when it is someone’s life you are trying to save, you do not have time to stop and reason. You need to act promptly and have positive results. He says that this thinking is what he still applies to his career.

Ian did not take a financial course; he is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Phycology. It is when he was in school studying phycology that he realized he had a passion for trade and trends as well and decided to pursue the dream. Today he helps people understand the meaning and purpose of the crypto coins and advise them on the best time to buy and sell.