Alex Hern is a globally recognized businessman. He is the Co-CEO and founder of a multi-industrial company famously known as the Tsunami VR. Tsunami VR is a company that provides Virtual Reality milieu in different industries. Such industries include automotive, healthcare and life science, industrial plants, Aerospace, energy, construction as well as manufacturing industry. The company has great software or tools, which are used along with VR such as Seabotix Version 2.0 Screen Share, Engine Collaboration and the Tsunami 2.0.

Before co-founding Tsunami VR, Alex was the chairman and Co-founder at Milcom, also known as the Military Commercial Technologies. He worked with this company for a period of 2 years. Nevertheless, Alex Hern is also an active member at the Board of Silicon Valley Internet Inc. Alex Hern has also served as the vice president of this company since it was formed. For more than ten years, this great investor has been focusing on promoting start-up ventures straight from their incubation period towards the early ages of their existence.

Alex is among the great men who acted as Board of Directors at Inktomi. However, Inktomi was later bought by After the inception of the firm, he continued serving on the board through its Initial Public Officer. This was not the end of his endeavors. Alex later got an opportunity to serve in the Radialpoint, Inc also greatly recognized as the Zero-knowledge Systems, Inc. In his Real Estate Ventures, Alex Hern served as a Director of New Homes Realty.

Alex Interview on Ideamensch

In his interview with Ideamensch, Hern said that he spends some alone times at night trying to think of the most outstanding innovation ideas which could make him move further. He also stated that one of the most incredible things that excite him in his venture is the cloud-based computing and machine learning that are covering every industry. He as well mentioned that the Tsunami VR software will be the next level platform for the collaboration between scientists and engineers.

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