The world is getting more complicated, and harder to handle. When things get too big, they’re even more complicated, and even almost impossible to address, solve and fix when they end up deteriorating. One of the few people who have managed to withstand the challenges of this modern type of economic market is no other than the fascinatingly diligent corporate leader Michael Burwell, the CFO right now of Willis Towers Watson.



How The Success Can Happen


There are many factors to consider when trying to fix a corporate system and to address issues in a corporate environment. Michael on his part only tries to do one thing to succeed in any endeavor: do his best, ethically. That’s it.


When he was the executive and leader at Pricewaterhouse Coopers -handling the finance department of the company, leading it to progress -, the company’s success was sustained by the fact that he gives his all. He never tires in condemning laziness and procrastination. What he does is give his most professional service, ignore the small talk, and find the depth and meaning in his work so he can sustain the fuel needed to withstand the daily grind of handling corporate tasks. Visit This Page to learn more.



The Willis Towers Watson Position


It’s not an easy achievement to have been chosen to handle Willis Towers Watson. For one, Willis has already built a name for being an outstanding and competitive broking solutions company that leads in all its global advisory services. When it selected Mike J. Burwell, it is an indication that they believe that the 31 years of service of Michael at PriceWater has already built an active leader in him, transforming him into a powerhouse of skills, experience and valuable lessons that could be ultra useful and profitable for the company.


When asked for comment, John Haley, the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, said that he could not be more excited in the decision of picking Mike and that he couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the experience that Mike could offer to the company. It’s not easy to be part of something that’s big and has already known the demanding standards of a company, such as Mike, but the fact that Michael Burwell is a modest and approachable guy is a well-standing sign that there’s nothing significant to worry about in the partnership between the company and Mike.


Indeed, Willis Towers Watson is in an age of future changes that had not been foreseen before now that Mike is one of them.


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