Mikhail Blagosklonny is popular for his research on cancer and aging. Mikhail currently lectures at “Roswell Park Cancer Institute” (New York). He is particularly distinguished for his contributions with regards to the study, research, and treatment of cancer along with other fatal illnesses.

Rapamycin and the Treatment of Cancer and Aging

Mikhail is a strong supporter of a cancer/anti-aging treatment called Rapamycin. Michael Hall is the scientist credited with discovering TOR which he later named rapamycin. According to Hall, mammalian TOR inhibitors were significant in treating metabolic disorders, auto-immunity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.The treatment fights against geroconversion. This is a process of transformation from cellular quiescence to senescence. The treatment helps in calorie restriction which helps extend a person’s life span. Additionally, rapamycin promotes genetic manipulations. The manipulations prevent TOR pathways and prolong the longevity of diverse species. Although rapamycin is a treatment for anti-aging, it is yet to counter post-aging syndrome. One of the causes of post-aging syndrome is the increase of molecular damage. Because aging is considered an unintended program for development, scientists have not yet proven how rapamycin can render humans immortal. Rapamycin is so far only capable of delaying aging and not preventing death.

Mikhail’s Professional Career

Mikhail attended the “Medical University of St Petersburg” where he acquired a Master’s degree and later a PhD in medicine. He worked at the “New York Medical College” as a professor specializing in medicine. He later joined “Roswell Park Cancer Institute” where he worked as a professor specializing in oncology. He also worked as one of the chief scientists at “Ordway Research Institute”. Mikhail’s main specialty at the institute was anti-aging drugs, cancer therapies, and aging mechanism.Besides teaching at “Roswell Park Cancer Institute”, Mikhail is a chief editor at Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. Mikhail maintains the belief that there is a cure for aging and cancer. He is among the strong advocates of Rapamycin, a special therapy given to cancer patients. Mikhail is also credited with inventing a theory on TOR signaling and how this phenomenon affects aging and cancer.

The publications that Mikhail has edited cover niches like apoptosis, cellular biology, tumor suppressors, cell cycle, clinical investigations, and ontogenesis. Mikhail has made significant contributions to many scientific journals on tandfonline.com. He is one of the editors at “PLUS ONE”, “International Journal of Cancer“, and “The American Journal of Pathology”. He has published over 300 articles featuring research on various fields. His main emphasis has been on aging hyperfunction, chemotherapeutic engineering, and cell cyclotherapy.Mikhail is a good example on how any professional can achieve change by focusing on what they do the best. As professor of medicine, Mikhail has never refused to apply his knowledge on expounding on the effects and causes of terminal illnesses and aging. He has dedicated his strengths to educating the world on these conditions through his editorials and classroom forums. The medical community owes a huge debt to Mikhail Blagoskloony for the current achievements made towards finding a solution for cancer and aging.