A highly esteemed internist, Dr. Imran Haque is equally admirably experienced. He mainly takes care of patients within Ramseur and Asheboro regions. It has been over fifteen years since Dr. Imran started his career as an internist. He operates as a certified doctor, having received a permit to perform medicine activities in North Carolina. Haque endeavors in many practices including regulating diabetes, physical examination, applying laser technology in hair removal, weight management among others. Following his wealth of knowledge, most patients visit him as their primary doctor for specific and general conditions.



Why Dr. Haque is a Fantastic Choice for All



Apart from handling a broad spectrum of conditions, Imran Haque is also tender. He invests quality time in listening to his patients concernedly. Before rushing into medication, he thoroughly examines whoever is unwell. As well, his office is equipped with all equipment necessary for his work. Ultrasound and lab services are in-office as well. Again, his hands-on experience matches most patient’s needs and preferences. Once you visit Dr. Imran, you get a new definition of quality customer service. He invests in warm and kindhearted staff. Team members working with him probably pick the act of kindness from him. One patient confesses how Dr. Haque folded a twenty dollar receipt for them at a time they were experiencing financial challenges. Certainly, Imran Haque is a rare breed.



Mode of Payment at Horizon Internal Medicine



Dr. Haque accepts insurance covers from several insurance providers. He ensures that people do not have to suffer in anguish for lack of finances. Some of the insurance plans they accept include Gateway Health, Humana, Aetna, Medicare, Medicaid, Choice Care, Cigna, Health Net, to mention but just a few. In case you do not find your insurer on the list you should consider hooking up with their office attendants and find out more. Devotion to patients is among the priceless values Dr. Imran Haque possesses.



Reviews by Dr. Imran’s Patients



Imran’s willingness to handle patients comes out among top reviews by his patients. Several people point out his unrivaled concern and tenderness. He also has a way of helping his patients drive out fear. One patient confesses to having made Dr. Imran more than his nuclear family doctor. To them, Imran serves their parents as well. Where could you possibly get a better physician than this? Others testify of how well he takes care of them despite their inability to foot bills as they should. He never casts any of them out. Margaret E. could not hide her attachment for Dr. Imran as their family doctor. They all value, love and respect him.



Meet Dr. Imran Now



If you reside in Asheboro and Ramseur areas and are shopping for private health services, it’s time for a sigh of relief. Horizon Internal Medicine has got you covered. They deliver beyond your expectations. You only need to contact them on 336-610-1300 for general inquiries, and on 336-290-7206 to schedule an appointment. It is never too late. Begin your journey with Dr. Imran Haque for a lifetime experience.