North American Spine reaches out to children teaching them how YOGA can help them grow strong and how it stimulates their mind and body. While children at a nearby center were learning different YOGA positions, the research group passed out yoga mats to children and helped them learn Yoga positions for their age group and ability. Teaching children when they are young how to care for their physical body will help them as they grow to adulthood.

Not only has NAS performed successful AccuraScope procedures on thousands of patients, but they are the leader in diagnosing and treating patients using the new minimally invasive surgery technique. The AccuraScope procedure is used to treat many back and neck problems. A few of these are herniated or bulging disc, facet joint syndrome, failed back surgery syndrome, foramina stenosis, pinched nerve, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and many more back, neck and spine conditions. The AccuraScope procedure allows the surgeon to repair damaged or injured areas using a less invasive process. Extensive open back surgery is still required in some instances, but it is not the only procedure anymore. North American Spine reviews reveal that they have devised microscopic laser techniques that enable small to almost no incision at all used to perform their techniques. The less invasive the procedure, the faster the recovery. Minimally invasive spine surgery relieves neck and back pain without the more invasive surgery.

The spine is a complex structure and with the AccuraScope that enables surgeons to see the exact point of pain, they are able to repair damage and relieve pain in almost all situations. Bone spurs are often one of the common causes of agonizing back pain. The ability to enter the spinal column with the AccuraScope and see with the instrument, the exact cause and remove or repair that cause of pain is one of the benefits of NAS laser surgery and treatment.

Although NAS is focused on minimally invasive spine procedures, they also specialize in CuraSpine and SecuraSpine surgery and treatments along with AccuraScope procedures. The AccuraScope and CuraSpine procedures are used to alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves. This process involves small incisions that relieve the pressure on nerves and discs, thus enabling faster recovery than the usual open back surgery.

The goal is to repair and reduce or eliminate pain and pressure to the injured area with the least amount of discomfort and enhance long restorative pain relief. When the surgery has been completed, Nobilis steps in with a holistic continuum of care. This is another essential part of the treatment and is viewed as the whole healing process. Healing the entire person and providing well-being to every patient.