Nitin Khanna is the person who functions as the Chief Executive Officer of a business that’s called Merger Tech. He has expansive experience within the vast technology realm as well. He’s been an investor and entrepreneur for quite a while at this point. His existence commenced in South Asia’s India back at the start of the seventies. He primarily attended boarding schools in his nation of birth. His father served in the Army back then. He had an abundance of family members who were involved deeply in the business sector. He viewed a lot of business throughout his youth. He went on major excursions with men in his family. He was surrounded by all sorts of diverse business activities. Khanna’s brother relocated thousands of miles away from home to the United States at the end of the nineties. Khanna himself, however, relocated to the country a bit earlier when he was merely 17 years in age. They made the choice to set up a business as a team. They initiated a firm that concentrated on software. They named it Saber Software, too. They worked tirelessly on Saber Software for approximately a decade. People recognized it thanks to its election-related software.

There are many things about this planet that fascinate Khanna day in and day out. One thing that fascinates him is the realm of social media and its potential. He thinks that social media is a contemporary craze that can empower a person forever. He also thinks that it’s ones that can harm a person’s existence permanently. Khanna is a curious man who likes to assess matters in vivid detail.

Khanna wishes that he wasn’t so nervous during his youth. He wishes that he was a lot more consistent back then, too. He wanted to be able to keep his eyes on the prize. Khanna doesn’t back the concept of career and equilibrium in any way, shape or form. There aren’t many people out there who are like him in that sense. He doesn’t think that achievement is something that takes place within a predictable day-to-day timeframe. Achievement is difficult to pinpoint.

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