I remember a scene from one of the newer Batman movies where a Russian mob member asks the Joker, “If it is so easy to kill that Batman, then how come you haven’t done it already.” The Joker then replied with a line that, while sickening, is still good business. “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” There is a much more positive way of saying the exact same thing. Find what you are good at, then go make money off of it.


Gregory James Aziz discovered early in life that he was very good at taking dying businesses and turning them into forces to be reckoned with. In each case of this occurring, not only did Greg James Aziz make money off of his salary, but his stock prices in the company went up and he made a killing off the profits.


Formerly owned by Dofasco, National Steel Car was a fledgling rail way manufacturer based in Canada that thought the doors would soon close. They needed to be turned around and so they offered the Chief Executive Officer position to Greg Aziz.


Gregory James Aziz took on the job because he thought that National Steel Car still had potential. Gregory James Aziz began by promoting a vision that would be able to excite the people, unify the departments, and remind National Steel Car why they were once great.


Gregory James Aziz had the vision to create a fully customizable rail car that could change its speeds, carrying capacity, emissions, and water consumption based on the unique needs of customers.


National Steel Car became excited and requested additional training in order to make this work. Gregory James Aziz brought two professors who were mentored by Peter Drucker to teach his executives and managers on how to implement the necessary strategy to achieve this vision.


Once the team was fully trained, Gregory James Aziz allowed them to share in the leadership. He did this by clearly detailing the responsibilities of each department and then granting them the authority to carry out those responsibilities.


When these three things were combined, National Steel Car began to acquire hefty contracts. The largest contract they acquired was for $3 billion. Gregory James Aziz held a celebration in honor of National Steel Car. Each worker was awarded cash bonuses and shares in the company for staying loyal and working hard to turn it around.


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