NuoDB is a SQL database company with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company was launched in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB is headed by Jim who is the both the Chairman and the President.

NuoDB exercised full control over the firm in 2011 and thereby becoming the sole owners. It operates a technologically advanced Cloud Database, and it uses SQL database for its operations. In the SQL database, customers are able to access faster and reliable internet connections hence ease in online business transactions, marketing of products and many more.

Furthermore, NuoDB and its workers are motivated towards delivering quality services to their customers. They, therefore, have their eyes on their targeted goals. Because of this, they are committed to empowering and providing better business environments for their clients with the help of their cloud applications.

Additionally, they have simplified internet operations using their SQL database which is faster and more efficient compared to traditional databases that existed back in the days.

With their excellent operations, they have won the hearts of investors such as the second largest Software Company in Europe, Dassault Systemes and many others hence contributing to the country’s economic sector.