The expectation for repeatable, high value consumer experience has been one of the most pervasive evolutions in culture since the late 19th century. We expect safe, consistent products available everywhere at great prices. The icon of this trend is the McDonalds’ hamburger. You could go anywhere in the US and receive the same great product at the same great price you got at home.

The McDonalds process predated the idea of supply chain management, which didn’t become widely adopted until the 1980s. In order to deliver that same burger every time, McDonalds had to have a consistent beef patty. Before Ray Kroc stood up golden arches in Des Plaines Illinois he had a handshake deal with Otto & Sons to deliver the patties. As Kroc defined the franchise model, and McDonalds spread nationwide, Otto & Sons (becoming OSI Industries and later OSI Group) grew patty in bun with it. OSI developed processes and methods, such as cryogenic food processing, which enables supply of the affordable and consistent products McDonalds needs to deliver the products their customer demands.

As McDonalds went global, OSI Group went with them. Starting in Germany and Spain by 1980, OSI changed from a US company to a multinational enterprise. The international exposure opened new opportunities for OSI. Expansion and joint ventures in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim countries opened huge new markets for OSI Group. Participation in the business cultures and laws of other countries led to new kinds of business structures, such as the Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise entity in China started in 1992.

Growth opportunity is not limited to McDonalds, or beef. OSI Group engaged with clients, including familiar brands Papa John’s, Subway, Starbucks, as well as Saizeriya (Casual Italian in Japan), Yum! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell), and even McDonalds competitor in the burger space Burger King. OSI’s breadth of capabilities has grown to include pizza products through partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994, pork products with the acquisition of an Oakland IA production facility, and poultry with the 2006 purchase of Amick Farms, vertically integration controlled purveyors of chicken products.

OSI Group is one of the largest meat processing companies in the world, but as a consumer you will not likely see the brand. The are contract providers. They deliver the meat the world’s food service industry serves you.

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