When David McDonald started OSI Group, nobody including him knew what the company would turn to be. Today, several years later, David regrets why he had to delay the idea to start his own food company. But it is not late. In the past few years, OSI Group under the presidency of founder David McDonald has appeared on the news. The reason? David has helped his company make steady strides since assuming the role of president. Today, the company has over 20, 000 employees whose families depend on the OSI Group.

Humble Beginnings, Greater Destinations

David McDonald was born and bred in Iowa. As a young man, he had a burning passion of pets. He loved animals as well. But he had a strange love of owning a food production company. Perhaps, that is why he joined university to study about animals. When the right time came, David graduated with a Degree in Animal Science. It is now easy to tell why OSI Group, a company David McDonald started after his graduation continues to thrive. It is led by a person who does not only have the passion for animals but also has the requisite credentials to support his passion.

After graduation, David’s first job was at the American Meat Commission. As he continued to garner experience on how to produce beef products, David thought it was the right time to start his long-awaited food company. That marked the start of OSI Group. David is now the president of OSI Group company. Under his oversight, OSI Group has come to be one of the top food companies that deals with animal products. It is recently when the company announced that it has acquired Baho Foods. The latter is a Dutch deli meat and other animal products company. This and other achievements OSI Group has been able to accomplish in recent days under the ruler ship of David McDonald is a clear indicator that the company is destined for greatness. OSI Group employs over 20, 000 employees globally and its Toledo facility in Spain, that was recently expanded produces over 24, 000 tons of poultry products that serve the larger European market.

David McDonald info: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137