The OSI Group is now making another move in the food production industry. The company is continuing its growth process by partnering with a plant-based burger company called Impossible Foods. The moves that OSI Group is currently making makes it hard to believe that they were a small brick and mortar meat market out of Illinois. This move just adds on to the partnerships that the company has just made with two companies called Rose Packing and a Dutch company by the name of Baho Food. The companies were both well respected and successful companies in their own right but they both needed better production facilities. So everyone knows in the food industry OSI is the go to company for production.

Outside of production the two companies have access to the powerful relationship that OSI has with other powerhouses in their industry and outside of their industry. The leading distributors of pork products is Rose Packing and Baho Food is one of the top suppliers throughout the Netherlands and Germany. The main reason why the partnership between OSI Group and Impossible Foods occurs is because Impossible Foods needed to expand production, improve the quality, and improve the nutrition of its products. There has been a huge increase in people becoming more health conscious and eating healthy. A part of this new eating healthy trend is eating meatless products so the demand for these products have increased tremendously.

This increase made it a bit overwhelming for Impossible Foods to keep up with this demand so the company had to find a company that had the means to keep up with the demand from a production standpoint and the company who could accomplish this is OSI Group. The leader of Impossible Foods Sheetal Shah stated that the company did the research to find out what company would be the best partner for Impossible Foods. They were looking for a partner that would help them scale and bring expertise so that Impossible Foods could continue to deliver quality products and burgers. This partnership will definitely be a win-win for both companies. Impossible Foods gets the production and industry expertise that they desire and OSI gets another sector of food production under their belt.