Since OSI Industries opened its first ever meat market in 1909, in the City of Chicago, the company’s consistent dedication to their clients’ success has remained steadfast. That’s the reason why most of the leading brands in the world regard them as their premier global provider of food. The trust that OSI industries always deliver leading-edge solutions for food for their most demanding product development as well as processing needs. Solutions delivering value, quality, and streamline processes at the same time optimizing costs.

OSI has seen a striking arc of growth. Over the past quarter century, the company has aggressively branched out into new ventures in the U.S. and internationally. The company is a global enterprise and has more than 20,000 employees, working at over 65 facilities in a total of 17 nations. Forbes list of the largest private U.S companies in 2016 estimated the company to have 6.1 billion dollars net worth, and it ranked the company in the fifty-eighth position.

David McDonald hasn’t been along only for the ride. Over McDonald’s 30 years career at OSI industries, he has managed to rise from his initial job from college serving as a project manager up to his current position as the COO and president of the company.

Under Sheldon Lavin leadership, the OSI industries has managed to make a promise to sustainable food production. The effort is formed on the long history of the company of embracing the rewards and challenges of cutting-edge technology. Being a pioneer in the food industry isn’t a new ordeal for the company.

In the twilight of Lavin’s career, he guided the company towards embracing new technologies and strategies to decrease the environmental footprint and increase the efficiency of OSI’s operations. Sustainability has now become one of the central prisms through which the company management makes operational decisions.

New strategies and technologies are always developed and adapted as OSI faces the global demand for more environmentally friendly and sustainable food production. This has resulted in the company together with Lavin being given several prestigious sustainability awards. They include California Green Business Award, Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council, NAMI’s Environmental Award, and the Global Visionary Award. For Sheldon Lavin, these awards are the crowning success of a long, illustrious business career. Lavin stated that they have a culture at OSI Industries that’s rather unique: it is family-oriented, and they have a great amount of longevity in their workforce.