With over 20,000 employees dispersed in about 17 countries around the world, the OSI group is among the 100 top ranked food companies in America.

These worldwide locations have come about as a result of over 100 years of growth through hard work, commitment and maintaining a high standard of supply. It has been tasked with supplying exceptional resources around the world such as the various kinds of meat used at the MacDonald’s. For the OSI group, providing customized high quality food is a major priority.

OSI Group possesses a ‘can do’ attitude, fueled by the passion, and backed up with enough resources and infrastructure. This enables them to partner with other leading food brands in providing the best services to clients. It has gone ahead to purchase the Flagship Europe; a company that supplies food products in the United Kingdom. Its products include the frozen poultry, dressings, pies and sauces. Through this purchase, the flagship Europe has been propelled to immense access of a new clientele, better support system, improved customer service and an opening to the global market.

The OSI group is a perfect example of thrive. Having started in the year 1909 as a simple meat market, the German immigrant Otoo Koisschowski named it Otto & Sons with an aim of making it a family business in Oak Park.

However, the fact that he supplied good meat propelled him into becoming a major supplier for the McDonald’s. The good relationship between the CEO of MacDonald’s and the Otto sons led to an agreement sealed with a handshake, making them their proffered meat suppliers.