An estimated 31 million Americans have experienced back pain at one time in their life and half of all Americans admit to experiencing back pain every year. Lower back pain is the number one leading cause of disability in people world-wide. Anyone can have back pain, but there are a number of factors that increase an individual’s risks.

While there are many causes for back pain, poor posture, arthritis, obesity and even psychological stresses can cause significant stress on the spine, resulting in temporary or chronic pain. The back is comprised of a combination of ligaments, joints and muscles. When the back is under stress is can succumb to disk breakdown, spasms, tense muscles, sprains, fractures, breaks and ruptured disks. Pain can also occur alongside scoliosis and spinal stenosis.

Back pain can make something as simple as picking a napkin up off the floor or making the bed nearly impossible tasks. A doctor should be contacted if someone is experiencing serious symptoms. These include numbness or tingling of the back or down one or both legs, weakness or fever. Severe pain that does not improve after rest and pain after a fall are also symptoms that should be looked at by a qualified doctor.

Medications, ice and rest are generally the first forms of treatment recommended by doctors for back pain. Everything from pain medications to acupuncture have been used with success. However, as effective as alternative forms of treatment are, surgery is sometimes the only option to completely ridding a patient of chronic pain.

Treatment for spinal pain depends on the issue that is causing the pain. While in many cases surgery is not needed, there are cases when surgical procedures are the only option. With herniated disks that do not heal on their own surgery is sometimes necessary. Other back problems that can require surgery are spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, vertebral fractures and degenerative disk disease.

Back surgeries are high risk procedures and should only be done by the most competent of surgeons that are specially trained in Orthopedic Spine Surgery. For instance, the specialists at facilities like North American Spine are among the top experts in the nation and are a shining example of what someone would want in a surgeon.

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With all of the millions of people who suffer from debilitating back pain, institutes like North American Spine are greatly needed. It’s with their efforts that treatment can become less invasive and less of a risk.