Patty Rocklage, the Psychotherapist, who focuses on marriage & family therapy, knows what works on relationships and how to make the relationships alive. She is based in Sudbury, Massachusetts and is known for her professional and committed services that are aimed to address various family issues. She has more than 20 years of experience in family affairs and counseling that makes her approach more unique and experience oriented. She believes that many of the issues in the family are due to miscommunication and misunderstandings and hence an open interaction can ease the condition.



She has also gone through some peculiar and specialized issues during her career. She is very much happy that she could help her clients on all the issues they have faced. She always tries to stay updated, reads a lot, and go through different case studies around the world, as she feels that it gives a better perceptibility on various issues. She knows that apart from whatever given in the textbooks, the practical intelligence and experience can help her in finding a better solution for her clients. The issues can be very diverse as the family background of different cases would be different. The issues associated with extended families won’t be same as single parent families or families with same-sex parents.


Patty Rocklage says that the common arguments inside a family are due to financial disagreements, infidelity, jealousy, household responsibilities, teenage rebellion, child rearing, various career paths, mental illness, etc. Patty is interested in a comprehensive solution that can work forever than any temporary results. She speaks with both the parties and understands the real issue by listening to both of them and finally come with the communication part. She explains the situation of opposite party in a logical manner and forces them to find what exactly went wrong for them than directly pointing out the issue is. This means that the parties are identifying their issues and at the same time they get a larger picture of what they did. So, the solution would work out comfortably for them.



Patty says that she enjoys the job and love to get involved in various issues. She has advice that early detection and consult is the best option to resolve many of the issues. Because many simple family problems get intensified during the course of time and become very complex to fix when the family members come for the consult. She advises that married couple should give special care to their relationship as any break in it would affect their children as well. Patty takes special care to improve the total familial relationship among each member and not just limited to the particular issue. She knows that creating a warm family relationship between its members is necessary to make a happy and peaceful family.