Nothing is as frustrating as trying to contact a company while in pursuit of critical information or to report a problem and you, in turn, get answered by an automated machine with inefficient prompts. This is a sure tactic for driving existing and future clients away. Paul Herdsman offers a solution to this problem through NICE Global.


About NICE Global


NICE Global is a business solutions company offering technical support, after-hours support, customer service outsourcing, back-office operations, company sales and outsourced email services. With NICE Global working for you, your customers will always have a representative to talk to anytime in case of anything.


Background information


Paul Herdsman, a native of Jamaica but a resident of Boca Raton, Florida, has over a decade experience in the customer-relation industry. He is not only the Co-founder but also the Chief Operations Officer of NICE Global launched in 2014 based in Montego Bay; he is also an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University.


Paul Herdsman’s attributions to success


When it comes to what Paul Herdsman believes to be the core of his success and the success of NICE Global, he says that his employees have contributed significantly to his current success.


Treat your staff like family.


NICE Global treats its employees like family. The company invests not only its time but also money to train and uplift its workers. That way your clients get to interact with the same people every day and this consistency brings about trust.


Invest in your staff


Herdsman also emphasizes the importance of investing in your employees by equipping them with the know-how they need to further the company’s agenda. Rather than train an employee once before they begin their tenure, it is wiser and more profitable to make constant training part of the routine; this enables your employees’ skill set to be up to date.


Focus on goals


Paul Herdsman’s company is also quality-oriented and not quantity-oriented. Mr. Herdsman insists that for a company to succeed, its employees must focus on producing results, after all, at the end of the day, one’s performance is what counts. Go Here for more information.


Understanding everyone’s role


Paul Herdsman insists that everyone must know and understand their role. Not only should the management understand the role of every department, but also the other employees should understand each other’s roles within their departments; this brings about a culture of respect, unity, and responsibility.


Find the right people.


Lastly, know who you are hiring! Paul Herdsman insists on the importance of finding the right people to work with. The wrong people will end up hurting your company. Before hiring, conduct background checks and opt for face to face interviews rather than online or over the phone.



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