Paul Mampilly of Banyan Publishing is the author and editor of Profits Unlimited, a periodic newsletter meant to help those trading in stocks to predict the best stocks to buy. The former hedge fund manager is renowned for his insightful views of market trends. It has been estimated that his famous newsletter Profits Unlimited has about 99 000 subscribers. Mr. Mampilly has a Facebook account with over 3000 followers. The man, obviously, has made a name for himself.

Brief Summary of Paul Mampilly’s Beginnings

Mr. Paul Mampilly is of Asian origin. He was born in a remote village in India. He notes that he was born at a time many of his village mates were dying as a result of hunger. His mother died when he was very young. His father followed too, soon after, when Mampilly was only 20 years old. He moved to the USA in search of greener pastures. Mr. Mampilly attended Fordham University and graduated with a Business Administration degree. See more of Paul Mampilly at

Mampilly and His Business

The business mogul has had times when he felt like quitting. However, it is the determination to survive that has kept him and his businesses alive and flourishing. Mampilly is an editor at Banyan Publishing. He is the author of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and the famous Profits Unlimited newsletter. The newsletter has nearly a hundred thousand subscribers. Mr. Mampilly has become a household name for those interested in the stocks market. He has made a name from predicting happenings in the stocks. Mr. Paul Mampilly has a tremendous effect on what a lot of people think. What with the number of subscribers to his newsletter, his followers on social media and those who like his posts on Facebook and other platforms.

Mampilly on the Next Big Stocks and the Big Misses

The bitcoin fever is still in the air but Paul Mampilly does not seem to be catching it anytime soon. The former hedge funds manager now turned stocks pundit says bitcoin is simply hot air. It will go as soon as it came. He says buying bitcoin shares is preparing your fingers to be burnt. Mr. Mampilly has also joined the debate on medical marijuana stocks. In his view, pot stocks are a risky venture. He advises his followers to stay away from marijuana as their papa told them before. It was not good to smoke; it is not good for business either. Although the world has already witnessed some marijuana millionaires, Mr. Mampilly thinks that those were mere market bubbles. He says, though, that people who choose to invest in stocks of renewable energy companies have not seen the last of their handsome earnings as yet. Related: