jit Choudhry is an expert in constitutional matters and an advisor. He holds a degree in law from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford Universities. He is a law professor and works as a Dean at the school of law in the University of California, Berkeley. Sujit has also worked at the Supreme Court of Canada as a law Clerk, at the Scholl Chair-Toronto University, and at Cecelia Goetz New York University as a Professor of Law.


Realization of Constitutional TransitionCenter


Professor Sujit is the founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, click on fundacity.com for related articles. Through his involvement in amending the constitution, writing new ones, and as a constitutional advisor, Sujit realized that constitutional effectiveness can only be realized by offering adequate and existing advice and solution to constitutional issues that were arising. The mandate of the constitutional transition center is to offer consultants with alternative rules that are based on evidence through mobilization and generating of knowledge towards development of the constitution.


Sujit Choudhry is known worldwide for his vast experience in politics and constitutional law. He is highly involved in designing the constitution as an instrument of peace and democracy in societies that experience conflicts and are divided across ethnic and tribal lines. He addresses equality and bill of rights, official language policy, federalism, succession and devolution, oversight in security sector, and constitutional plan in conversion of rules from dictatorial to democratic ones. This is achieved through his comprehensive research on a wide range of issues in a relatively constitutional law.  Read his blogs, visit linkedin.com.


 Accomplishments and Future Plans


The Center for Constitutional Transitions, in partnership with NGOs, Think Tanks, And Global Network Of Multilateral Organizations has enabled him to work as an advisor towards the process of constitution building with over fifty experienced personnel from over two and half dozen countries. His success is a result of reinventing the path towards his goal relentlessly. In future, Sujit is looking forward towards realizing a worldwide organization that addresses constitutional cases in several languages.  For a read of this recent interview, click on ceocfointerviews.com


Professor Sujit Choudhry has also released many books, reports and articles that include; Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitution Making, and The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution. He is an editorial board member of Constitutional court review, an executive member of the international society of public laws among many others.  check this toconstitutionaltransitions.org

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