VTA Publications publishes mostly non-fiction materials for courses, focusing on finance and wealth. Materials provided are both well-researched, print and digital, resources that focus on economics and finances. They also are an event organizer that caters to specific genres.

Some of the products offered are books and cds on stocks and trading. Jim Hunt recently released Wealth Wave, discussing how to manage wealth and earn it the way the wealthy do. Jim Hunt is the CEO of VTA publications. He is a financial consultant, who specializes in investments, stocks and bonds. He focuses on the average investor. His two popular products are Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire programs.

Wealth Wave discusses how wealth works in America. A misconception is that when stocks fall the money is lost. In reality, Jim Hunt points out money is not destroyed, it is transferred. He wrote this product in an effort to help the average investor tap into the money. He uses the metaphor of a wave, because investors can make money as the wave is going down. Then as the wave goes up they can see their money grow.

VTA Publications publishes materials to help customers learn about how the finance industry works. They want their customers to reach their full potential.   See more videos like the helpful one above, on Jim Hunt’s official YouTube account.  He posts a new video pretty frequently.