The traditional tedious methods of political campaigns have now transformed into natural, technological approaches. The aspirants of different political parties can now estimate the voters’ turnout from numerical data obtained by technological means. The hype behind it is the NGP VAN which even enabled political experts to predict President Barack Obama’s successive wins both in 2008 and 2012.

NGP VAN assists members of the Democrat party in the different political races to access various websites and applications that run on mobile phones during their campaigns. The company has its main offices in Washington DC. It majorly aims at availing databases for voters as well as web-hosting for civic organizations and political parties. However, the diehards of this technology include Liberal Party of Canada and the Democratic Party. These bodies prefer NPG VAN over other software because it systematically strategizes opinions using reliable sources of data.


The new technology now ranks higher than radio stations which many politicians used in the past to reach a majority of their voters. It seeks to establish long-lasting relations between the aspirants and their voters to benefit them during future campaigns. Digital methods data analysis simplifies the processes during voting considering the amount of information that experts gain access to during such historic times.


The use of the internet coupled with advanced technologies during election periods is the most effective way of mobilizing voters to the polling stations. An example is the application of web-based platforms during the 2008 elections in the United States of America when Barack Obama was running for the presidency. These platforms enabled various voters and supporters to host webinars for discussing their interests. These unlimited contributions led to successful elections for Barack Obama by over 14.5 million votes. The reason behind such immense numbers is the ability of the NGP VAN software to reach many youths in different states through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and much more.


Despite the fact this campaign strategy worked for the first time, reusing it did not speculate any failures. Therefore, this method will continuously work for any aspirant only if they apply it correctly like targeting the right audience. Platforms such as Twitter remain to be the wealthiest outlets for many politicians to connect with the outside world since it is impossible to reach every voter personally. Just like Barack Obama, anyone can achieve victory by choosing competent means of the campaign such as NGP VAN.