Lawyers play an essential role in our society. They play a crucial role in putting up the legal system in place that ensures justice for all people. A lawyer will guide you through legal matters and procedures that require proper attention. However, they represent individuals in a court of law and ensure justice prevails. They act as legitimate coaches by interpreting legal information to the general population.

Brazil is known to produce more than half a million qualified lawyers. However, finding a good lawyer isn’t an easy task. A client is therefore advised to do a background check to ensure they are hiring a reputable lawyer. Besides, just like other professions, lawyers tend to specialize in various areas such as personal injury, family matters, employment matters, real estate, civil suits and corporate law.

Clients are advised to consider working with specialized advocates since they have already carved a niche rather than working with a general practitioner who may lack necessary expertise in specific areas. Once a client finds a good lawyer, he/she is advised to pay close attention to how well their relation is to the lawyer. In case a client feels uncomfortable in the first few meetings, an ideal client-lawyer relationship can never be achieved. A good lawyer should have attributes such as possessing exceptional negotiation skills and communication.

Ricardo Tosto is a prolific lawyer and a role model to many young Brazilian lawyers. His career began at a small law firm where he nurtured his skills before setting up the most prominent law firm in Brazil and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp. He is also the co-founder of Tosto e Barros Advogados Company together with Leite that specializes in corporate law.

He is an accomplished lawyer who has majored in various fields such as Civil law, banking contracts among others. He is a member of International Bar Association which regulates the examinations administered to law students. The body considers the lawyers who have passed Bar examinations to offer excellent and professional services to the clients. Ricardo has published numerous articles in newspapers and specialized magazines. In Brazil, he is recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in Commercial Litigation. To watch video click here.