Due to his passion for education, nothing could stop Richard Blair’s dream to be the solution giver to peoples’ woes on financial planning as well as investments. A great number of his family members were amazed by his inborn financial skills and how he made other people regain their confidence and knowledge. In pursuit of his dream, he couldn’t wait any longer and immediately after stepping out of college, he started serious exploration his profession in the year 1993. He later realized that in order for him to be able to objectively advice his clients without bias and conflict of interest, the only solution was to establish his own company. Consequently, he formed Wealth Solutions in the year 1994 on the basis of positively and significantly changing live of not only individual person but also of families and those who owned small businesses. Being a registered investment advisory firm, Wealth Solutions is located in the town of Austin, Texas whose founder is not only a registered investment advisor and certified annuity specialist but also a certified estate and trust specialist, certified fund specialist as well as a retirement income certified professional. As a registered investment advisor, his duties for which he is paid include managing investment portfolios on behalf of his clients, giving them advice concerning securities as well as acting as a broker where circumstances allow.

It is true that most people are nearing retirement with the main objective of establishing a stable retirement income as well as safeguarding their wealth which they hope to leave to their dependants upon death. In order to help these people achieve the above goals, Wealth Solution has come in handy to help them come up with promising financial plans. The firm has done this by giving them conservative investment solutions by offering them chances to be participants on the upside while at the same time pointing their focus on how to minimize their risks. The basis of the above idea is that it is agreeable that financial strategies need to change and adapt with the ever changing financial markets. Up to date, the firm boasts experience in the financial services industry which ranges above 20 years. In that connection, the firm founder has kept on striving to ensure that his clients at all costs do avoid common investment mistakes in order to realize their successful retirement goals. Through his vast knowledge and experience, clients have been able to plan well for their imminent retirement lives by making use of retirement income strategies he has provided to them.

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